Viking Horn Trio No. 1

Launching The Longships

For three horns in f

Viking Horn Trios

Martin considers the heritage and lifestyle of the Vikings, considered a threat by many, but a fascinating culture of epic proportions. Imagining the voice of Viking music, Martin has created a series of ten short (4-5' each) trios, each describing a scene from Viking life. These trios serve well as study pieces in horn ensemble performance, and can together provide an evening's entertainment. For intermediate to advanced performers.

The Viking Horn Trios are a collection of ten Trios for French Horns in F (both score and parts are in F). Each is a single movement lasting from 4 to 5 minutes. Even before their publication in early 2016, these pieces were played and studied by horn trios in the New York City area. Ever since they have enjoyed universal appeal among horn lovers.

The Vikings originated in early Scandinavia and moved outward. They are portrayed as a serious threat in medieval times. On the other hand, modern study shows that they were very successful; they were creative people who appreciated epic poetry. Because so little is known about Viking music, it allows a composer like me the flexibility to make some as a fantasy creation. I completed all ten trios in Warriors Mark, Pennsylvania in early spring, 2015. The horn group known as The Golden Horns premiered all ten pieces in the summer of 2015.

The trios depict challenging moments in the Vikings’ survival and the unimaginable beauty of their landscape. To help the performers in this regard, I included non-spoken indications in the score only, as if they were operatic stage directions. Again, these are silent coaching comments for the performers and do not appear in the parts. Also, please note that there is no violence portrayed in the pieces. The “ordeals” are tests of strength, and in Trio No. 7, the village wards off the approaching danger without conflict.

Past Performances of Viking Horn Trio No. 1

2015-07-24, 8:00 PMThe Golden Horns, Manhatten, NY, Manhattan, NY USAThe Golden Horns